Signing Ceremony of the Project to Construct the Blast and Paint Facility for Reactor Compartment Units in the Russian Far East

March 13, 2013

  1. The signing ceremony of the Japan-funded Project “Construction of the Blast and Paint Facility for Reactor Compartment Units of the Dismantled Nuclear Submarines at the Long-term Storage Facility in the Far East of the Russian Federation” was held on 22 February, 2013 in Moscow with the attendance of the government officials.
  2. During the ceremony, Secretary-General of the Technical Secretariat of the Committee on Cooperation to Assist the Destruction of Nuclear Weapons Reduced in the Russian Federation, Hajime Sasaki and the Acting Director General of the FSUE “RosRAO”, Timur Koptev signed the Financing Contract for the implementation of the Project, worth 734 million JPY (approx. 8.5 million USD).
  3. The Blast and Paint Facility, an integral part of the Long-term Storage Facility for Reactor Compartments Units (RCUs) of the dismantled nuclear submarines at Razboynik Bay, will be utilized for final preparation of the RCUs for long-term onshore storage, including shot blasting and anticorrosion coating of hull surface of the RCUs.
  4. The Project is expected to strengthen the safety of reactor compartments as well as ensure the full operation of the Long-term Storage Facility in combination with the floating dock, jib cranes and tug boat provided by the Government of Japan last year.

For the provision of the equipment – see here.

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(Facility image) *The similar facility in the North West of Russia
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