IAEA Contact Expert Group and Russia’s Nuclear Legacy Issues

Japan has been active in drawing the attention of the Government of Russia and donors to the nuclear legacy problems in the Russian Far East at various international conferences and forums, including the IAEA Contact Expert Group (CEG).

The CEG was established in 1996 at the request of Scandinavian countries under the auspices of IAEA to discuss Russia’s nuclear legacy, such as spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste. As of October 2013, 11 countries, including Japan and 2 agencies, have participated in the CEG.

Nuclear legacy problems handled by the CEG cover various issues over extensive geographical areas in the northwestern Russia and the Russian Far East. Japan has been actively engaged in the Far East, which is lagging behind the northwestern region in solving the issues. Japan made financial contributions to the CEG workshops held in Vladivostok in May 2007 and May 2010.

0048_2 IAEA CEG 2010 - Group

About the activities of the CEG see here.