Mobile Radiometric Laboratory Travelling Chernobyl Contaminated Areas

Under this Project, a mobile radiometric laboratory equipped with a whole body counter and a food contamination monitor was also provided. The laboratory has been actively utilized to survey the incorporated radionuclides of border guard staff working in the contaminated areas and the local inhabitants living there.
whole body counter shokumotsuosen
Whole body counter Food contamination monitor

The new mobile radiometric laboratory expanded the radiological surveying capacity and surveyed 8,747 persons, including 6,604 local residents over the last eighteen months. When a person’s incorporated radioactivity exceeds the permissible level, the foodstuffs (mushrooms, berries, etc.) he/she usually eats are brought to the laboratory and the radionuclide contents are analyzed for immediate identification of the contamination source. At the same time, the patient is referred to a medical institution for further examination and treatment. The regular visits of the laboratory are greatly appreciated by local residents, including those living in remote locations where it is difficult to visit hospitals.

Since the TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident, many Japanese delegations have visited the laboratory to learn more from the experience of Belarus.

Photo: Local people visit the laboratory
kodomo sokutei_2

IMG_0219 children2 kodomo sokutei