Japan-Belarus Joint Projects in the 1990s

Assistance in Establishing the State’s System of Accounting for and Control of Nuclear Material and the Physical Protection System (Sept. 1994 – Dec. 2000)

Japan extended the following assistance to Belarus in establishing the state safeguards system and physical protection of the facilities based on the IAEA Coordinated Technical Support Plan.

 (1) Provision of a telecommunication system

Japan provided computers and LAN equipment to the Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear Research – Sosny (SSI), located in the vicinity of Minsk, the capital city of Belarus and to the Department for Supervision of Industrial and Nuclear Safety (PROMATOMNADZOR) of Ministry for Emergency Situations, for the improvement of a telecommunication system between the two organizations.

(2) Provision of a state system for accounting for and control of nuclear material (SSAC) 

Software and computers were provided for the establishment of SSAC system at SSI.

(3) Provision of a measurement system

Measurement equipment, such as NaI and Ge gamma-ray spectrometers, was provided for the establishment of the measurement system at SSI.

(4) Provision of a physical protection (PP) system

An entry/exit control system and a surveillance system, which includes a fence, various types of sensors, surveillance cameras, central surveillance room etc., were provided to bolster the PP system at SSI.

(5) Provision of equipment to the Regional Nuclear Material Control Center

Office equipment (computers and LAN equipment), radiation meters, etc., were provided to the Regional Nuclear Material Control Center at SSI.

Supply of Training Equipment to the Vocational Training Center for the Retired Military Personnel (Apr. 1998-Feb. 1999)

Japan provided the training equipment to the vocational training center for retired military personnel to establish a computer operation course and an automobile repair course. The center is located at the site of the experimental plant “Neman” of the AGAT Joint Production in the city of Lida. The city is known for having been the manufacturing base of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) in Soviet times.

Computer operation course equipment:

  •  Computers, software, and peripherals (printers, network equipment, etc.)
  •  Other training support equipment (TV, VCR, OHP, etc.)

Automobile repair course equipment:

  • Equipment for learning theories of automobile repair (TV, VCR, OHP, etc.)
  • Diagnostic and checkup equipment (brake inspection equipment and set for suction of exhaust gas, etc.)
  • Maintenance and repair equipment (hydraulic crane, diesel fuel pump test stand, etc.)
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Welding, painting, and washing equipment (MAG electric welder, infrared dryer, high pressure car washer, etc.) Computer class